As an engineering student, stress is often inevitable, especially as the the tasks you have to complete increases. However, the most efficient way to keep track and make sure that you complete all your tasks is through the use of a "to-do list". In reality, many of the to-do apps are either paid, or do not have all the functions that I need personally. For me, it is important to have my long term tasks laid out to motivate me to complete the current tasks. Moreover, when I'm overwhelmed, I tend to write a lot of tasks to overwhelm myself even more or even use depressing language when wording my tasks. This is usually when I need to take a break, but usually I don't and just keep working hoping it will go away automatically.

What it does

Organizes tasks. Short-term tasks on the home page and long term tasks on the side to provide motivation. Tasks should be sent to IBM watson's tone analyzer to detect negative emotions. When detected, the browser should send an alert to the user suggesting the user to take a break from work.

How we built it

I built the framework of the to do app using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The analyzing portion was not completed, but is supposed to use the IBM watson API to analyze the tone and use the data that it returns to decide whether an alert should be sent to the user or not.

Challenges we ran into

At first, the project was meant to analyze facebook messages. However the access token for facebook graph to access messages has been removed. Then I moved on to analyzing facebook posts, which was also explicitly stated on the API documentation that it is prohibited to do any sentiment analysis on facebook posts. Last, I decided to merge the idea of a to-do app and sentiment analysis together. But because I'm not very experienced in Javascript, the process had been difficult and I was not able to finish it.

What's next for Task Sentiment Analysis

The next steps would be actually implementing the analysis portion of the project and hopefully improve the interface and user experience of the To-do app.

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