The skill is inspired on "Work from Home" theme. I work on multiple projects and need a way to organize the tasks for each project. I do this often by taking notes and keeping stuff in separate files. I wnated to see if Alexa can help me here. This is just a first version of the product and I have lot many plans to improve and make it better.

What it does

Allows user to create individual projects and add associate tasks with it.

How I built it

AWS Lambda, Node JS, Alexa SDK

Challenges I ran into

Slot type . The skill needs to understand free form language (eg: project name could be Stock Invest mobile app) - which does not fall under any of the existing slot types. Since it is using Dialog model, slots type can not be "Literal". I had to use used Query type hence.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My skill working as intended. I consider this as the MVP though and intend to enhance/improve the skill features .

What I learned

I learnt Statehandling, Dialog model and how to design a voice skill. I actually designed a complete flow chart model of my skill before developing it.

What's next for Task Planner Alexa Skill

  • Better voice guidance in the skill.
  • Make Project and Tasks more detail oriented eg: Completion date, reminder, priority etc.

Skill ID; amzn1.ask.skill.5ea210ac-c8d0-4222-9251-2dbf8da94357

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