Ticket handling and management is an important task in an organization. With many departments and mostly one customer service department handling the tasks is an arduous task. Many a time there is a communication gap between the management team and the service team. Hence, some amount of automation is necessary in customer service workflow and task management.

What it does

This project takes a "Task List" board as an example to create a board view app that shows a consolidated tasks that are open and completed for each category/ department. This report also shows the total of Low , Medium and High priority tasks. This is especially important if the management wants to know the summary of tasks available for each department along with the priority. The departments/categories for the "Task List" board are HR, R&D, Sales,Marketing,IT, Finance and Miscellaneous. The board also has built-in recipe integrations for task automation. Some automation integrations that can help speed up the ticket handling process include "When the Status for an item is changed to Stuck, assign expert-person" and the task automatically moves to a different group. When the status for an item is set to high priority set the duration to 1 day, automatically assign a ticket number, automatically set the completion date when the status is changed to done and move to a different group for immediate approval and release. There is also a form view that will be used by users in each category/department to create tasks. The "Task List Board" for reporting is created using react components and built in Sdk's and API for developers. The board uses fields from view settings in text and colors for displaying tasks in each department/category. The board integration uses built in triggers from for automating values in the board.


Understanding API's, analyzing the view settings and finding the right query and id, title and text to map the various fields on the board to create the board view. Testing and analyzing Sdk's and react components to integrate with the API queries. Also, testing various integration recipes and triggers for automation.


Learning Sdk's and various integration recipes, built in triggers and view creation. is one platform for integrating third-party tasks too. So knowing, exploring and implementing and creating something is an accomplishment. There is lots more to explore and learn but creating a project is a good start.

What's next for Task List and Management

The project can be further improved by adding more board views and expanding the ticket support system to automating activities for each department/category.

Built With

  • api
  • queries
  • react
  • react-components
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