We were inspired by seeing some of our friends staying up until 3 working on stuff, and being in grade 9, we were completely dumbfounded because of how little homework we had. We realized that the root of this problem was their time-management skills, and we decided to create a system that could help out with it.

What it does


The objective of our program is to improve productivity and time-management skills. This is done because students these days have trouble organizing their time due to various reasons such as social media and video games.

Our Product:

Our product helps solve this issue. Students have to add a new task as soon as they get new homework to our program, which will automatically add it to their google account calendar. If selected, google calendar will provide a notification based on the end time our program sends to it. In essence, our solution creates an automatic timebox system.

How I built it

We first started looking into different calendars. To keep our team productive, we used Notion to organize tasks for ourselves to ensure that we were always busy. We looked into implementing Microsoft Calendar, Notion calendar, or Google Calendar. At the end we implemented an algorithm to read the user’s input and create separate tasks on the google calendar.

Challenges I ran into

After considering the APIs, we choose Google Calendar due to its easy implementation (or so we thought). However, it took us most of our time to implement it with Python. It was a little complicated because we had to include some string manipulation due to the API having a complicated way to store their tasks and we also had to get the API working properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're extremely proud of making the API work. It was our first time working with API calls and it was relatively complicated and stressful being on a time-constraing. However, when we got it working, we felt really happy and hopeful!

What I learned

We learned a lot about API's and how they are applied into our code.

What's next for

We need to implement a system where it can break up the tasks based on priority and also add different time-manipulation techniques, such as the pomodoro technique, and several others. By doing this, the user can benefit a lot more from our solution. We also decided to create a website, but didn't have enough time for integrating it.

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