We see how emotionally, physically, and mentally unwell our fellow students get when things get stressful at school, so we wanted to make something to both combat mental illness and calm the mind while still getting things done.

What it does

Helps organize and prioritize tasks with a minimalistic design so the user doesn't get overwhelmed and can focus on what they need to do. When they're done with these priority tasks, they can move on to extra things they want to do for self improvement. The app also features a breathing page where a fluffy corgi will help the user breathe using a timed deep breathing technique.

How we built it

Xcode and Swift for building the app and photoshop to draw and animate Task Corgi

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Corgi animation and list pop up

What we learned

What's next for Task Corgi

Finishing list features and adding a habit tracker and positive affirmations in the form of push notifications

Built With

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