This is basically two timers that operate in a sequence. It came about, from the need to allot time for a task (e.g. study, excercise etc) as well as the corresponding break required (e.g. coffee break, a nap, gaming etc)

Each timer can be configured on the set time and description.

Over a hundred colors can be selected.

By default it is in repeat mode ie. after the two timers complete a cycle, this cycle is repeated

It can be run in the background of other apps ,and being wearable app (on the Gear 2), it will be easy to operate.

Although it has been named Task Break Timer (for want of a better name!) feel free to alternate between any task and not necessarily involve breaks e.g. study and exercise.

However not only is a suitable break a welcome from the grind, research has proved that it renews & enables us to refocus on the task at hand.

Others features

Remembers time, descriptions and color of the previous session. Runs in the background.. Power Off and Swipe down (back) operations taken care of

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