## Inspiration Well, we all are teenagers who eventually need to make money and need experience. We know that the real world requires job finding, interviewing, hiring process, and stress. Task a Teen requires none of that. ## What it does It connects community members with teenagers by having community members offer teenagers a certain task they need done. ## How we built it We handcrafted it with Brackets and in that, we used HTML, CSS, MIT app inventor, and javascript. ## Challenges we ran into Code in general was a bumpy ride. As we are all beginner hackers, it was quite a struggle to figure out how to do the little things like center a button. We struggled making it user friendly because CSS wouldn't polish it as well as we hoped. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We're all strangers and by the end of this hackathon, we have become really close friends, and that itself is an accomplishment. Additionally, we were able to make our website have a smooth flow. To be honest, everything this weekend was an accomplishment. At every step, we struggled but in the end, we thrived. Now, we are much more familiar with HTML and CSS, and we've grown as creators. ## What we learned We learned the value of self learning but also utilizing resources, like our mentors and peers, around us. Overall, we learned a lot more about coding. And last, perseverance always ends with great results. ## What's next for Task a Teen In terms of the future, we have many goals. First, we'd like to achieve a cleaner look in our website. We'd also aim to create a more established app for Task a Teen. Next, we plan to create notifications based on the tasks people put out and accept. We hope to implement an online payment system like Paypal. For our search bars, we'd like to be able to filter results. And last, provide teenagers with online courses specific to their task, so they can gain "credentials".

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