Spanish: A veces queria saber a como esta el dolar en mi pais para saber cuanto le voy a mandar a mi familia English: Sometimes I wanted to know the exchange rate for a dollar for my native country before sending money to my family via remittances

What it does

Spanish: Ahora puedes obtener esa informacion facilmente con alexa English: Now, you can obtain this information easily with Alexa

How I built it

English: Desarrolle este skill usando node.js y un API que me da los cambios Spanish: I developed this skill using node.js and an API that does the currency conversion

Challenges I ran into

Spanish: Fue mi primer skill en español English: This was my first skill in Spanish

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Spanish: Pude lograr este skill y creo que muchas gente lo usaran English: That I was able to develop this skill and I think many people will use it

What I learned

Spanish: Aprendi a como usar Amazon Slots y como hacer un skill en español English: I learned how to use Amazon slots and how to make a skill in spanish/different language

What's next for Tasa del Día

Spanish: Quiero añadir calculos y mas paises English: I want to add calculations and more countries

Built With

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