At CMU, there's only one thing on students' minds... working out and staying fit with all our free time of course! Stemming from this, we strove to create a fitness app to help all of the CMU gym addicts keep better track of their workouts and their runs.

What it does

Want to run? Here's an app! Specifically designed by CMU students to share their favorite running routes with the rest of the CMU population. It's called TartTrack! TartTrack uses a server and database to keep track of location and workouts in real time. You can start a run or start a workout and it will track the length of the exercise. Also, it features a login screen and the ability to make an account that will save your workout history.

How we built it

We used a google maps APIs for the location tracking, pygame (a python module) for the GUI, and sockets for the server feature (to keep track of user data).

Challenges we ran into

Socketing server architecture, data management and hierarchy, google APIs, mode dispatching

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Aesthetic and intuitive GUI, custom built data storing methods, uses a server, uses google map APIs

What we learned

too much... pygame, threading, data architecture, file creation, geopy.distance, pinging website requests, JSON, socketing, google maps API

What's next for TartTrack

fitBit compatibility!

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