Our school’s robotics team recently had to purchase a new CNC router, when purchasing it we had to pay an extra 25% equalling $650. We want to make sure everyone is informed about how much they may have to pay in tariffs

What it does

Tells the user the tariff rate of the product based off of the type of item it is and how much the user will have to pay in addition to the base price to the US government

How I built it

The main app is written in Swift and the UI is done using Swift UI (prebuilt library). All of the tariffs are updated from an instant download link when the app is started. All of the tariffs are grouped (food, toys, etc) to reduce search times (from ~10sec to ~1.5sec). All of the data is stored in a huge excel file.

Challenges I ran into

Our teams have had a hard time finding time to get together and work as a group. Especially because we’re high school students having to juggle this, work, and school.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Semi-Functional IOS app that allows users to easily find the duty rate for a product. Many members of our team have personally used the app to find better deals on tariffed products. It was amazing using the product that our team made in real life.

What I learned

Creating an app isn’t as hard as it seems, the main problem we had was learning the syntax for Swift. We had some experience in coding, but learning app development took a lot of time. We were divided between using pre-built libraries to make our app or doing it ourselves.

What's next for Tariff Titan

Expansion towards other countries and tariffs on US goods.

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