Welcome to tapTrak CR. We at tapTrak have designed CR as a task management system that puts the needs and voice of the patient first. By providing the patient with a clear way to manage their involvement in the trials, tapTrak CR can focus this desire to participate meaningfully, in a way that affects the outcome of the study. tapTrak CR is a software enterprise system that is comprised of a patient app for Android mobile devices and a site manager dashboard which is accessible via web browser. As the patient logs daily, real world data into the app, the information is uploaded to the HIPPA compliant cloud server and shared with site managers through the dashboard on the web. This way, tapTrak CR works as a tether between patients and their site managers. For patients, tapTrak CR is an easy to use app that allows patients to stay on track with the responsibilities of a clinical study, while imposing minimal burden on everyday life. The app functions on reminders that chime every morning starting at an adjustable time suitable to the patient’s needs, instructing the patient to look at their task list for the day. This reminder will chime again every hour on the hour until the list of tasks is completed. As a result, the patient never has to remember to complete their tasks; the app remembers for them. The patient app currently comes populated with tasks that fit the general needs of clinical studies. As a customized app, this allows for creation of new tasks for future studies. Tasks patients see daily include:

  • Appointment task: Keeps patients up to date with their next clinic, lab or in office appointments.
  • Medication task: A daily reminder to follow the prescribed treatment.
  • Education task: A clickable hyperlink on the app that connects to a website holding the recommended reading for patients enrolled in a clinical trial, parceled out into daily segments.
  • Photo task: Patients create photo logs of their treatment.
  • Side Effects task: Keeps a running tab of side effects as they arise.
  • Overall Health: Provides a visual, qualitative general health scale of 1-5.
  • Severity of Condition task: Allows patients to inform site managers if their overall condition has improved (from moderate to mild) or worsened.

tapTrak CR is primarily a tool to manage patients, but is also a tool for site managers. The site manager creates accounts for patients and enrolls them in person to get them stared right away. As the patient interacts with the app, the site manager receives data almost instantly, allowing for timely, asynchronous communication. The site manager can keep track of each patient individually as he or she completes, or ignores tasks, through graphs, timestamps, and photo logs. The site manager also has the ability to manage an entire database of patients with the ability to organize them by study and treatment. The collection of real world data in an organized, patient-driven manner allows for the focus of clinical research to return to the patient. As the patient takes control of their contributions to the study, site managers are able to gather new sets of data and keep the patient engaged. As the site manager collects new data, both patient and site manager share this digital notebook that facilitates open discussion during meetings, allowing for more efficient use of time and fewer in person meetings. The patient’s needs are the needs of clinical research. We have built tapTrak CR for the patient; tapTrak CR is for clinical research.

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