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On Saturday 04/07/2020 pubs and restaurants in the UK reopened following the COVID19 lockdown. We were excited to launch with our first beta client, a gastro pub in Oxfordshire UK. The pub went live at mid day on Saturday and processed over 100 orders on the app throughout the day.

On Sunday the pub processed over 90% of their orders through the app and received lots of positive feedback. Visitors commented on the ease of use of the system and staff commented on how it saved them lots of time processing orders at the till. The landlord was very happy with the outcome and plans to continue using the system indefinitely.

We're really pleased with the uptake in usage and response to our app from end users. We're also keen to continue building features and improving the system based on client feedback; below are some of the improvements we've made this week:

  1. Ability to build multiple menus within TapTable portal and schedule them (day / time ranges)
  2. Improvements to the order confirmation page
  3. Email receipts to both diner and restaurant
  4. Ability for a restaurant to re-order categories and items on menu

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