Red Lobster sales went up 33%- potentially from a Music Video mention in Beyonce's "Formation" Music Video. But how do we know that the increase is directly from the mention --- we don't.

Patti LaBelle sold a bundle of Pies due to a YouTube Post by a guy name James. But how do we know that the increase is directly from the mention --- we don't.

What it does

tapReplay SDK solves the problem of attributing and rewarding the correct content provider by making it easy to sell any product related to content. I have built a tvOS SDK that allows any Content Provider to easily set up a Video commerce system within their existing code.

How I built it

I initially coded in in objective-c for the Apple TV pointing at a Parse BackEnd and connecting to expedia APIs. I then moved the code over to a static library that can be included any anyones app/code.

Challenges I ran into

With the AppleTV tVOS being new- I had to create a lot of work-arounds to make payments work over a REST API.

I had to build two apps during my time coding. (It's an App Inside of an App.) It was very challenging separating the core pieces of the SDK and making it dead simple for users to use.

It was very tricky to get video content that worked in my video. Since I was alone, it was tricky to continually add content and code at the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the process as seamless as possible and connecting all the dots to make a purchase. I built something that I am proud to share with music producer friends/developers. Because of the short amount of time to code, I stayed on course and focused in what was needed. The code actually works and connects to a back-end system that processes the requests.

What I learned

SDKs can be pretty tricky to make- I learned how to build one this weekend.

What's next for tapReplay SDK (tapReplay Club)

Clean- up the code and put it into production. My plan is to work with my co-founder (who is a producer) to raise money and get into all our friends' tvOS apps and then onboard more customers.

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