Our inspiration is personal needs that need to be taken into consideration when attending events and/or functions. This is something that many people face as a challenge whenever they are part of an organized event.

What it does

Tapp uses NFC. Users fill out a form on their form including information such as name, age, and so on, but most importantly accessibility needs, dietary restrictions, and extra notes or requests. The event organizers will use their phone as the host to collect information using NFC and upload it to their database.

How I built it

We used Android Studio as a platform to make an app to use NFC on two phones, one being a host (for organizers) and one being a user (for attendees). When the phones are tapped together, the information is transferred.

Challenges I ran into

Using NFC is very challenging on its on. Android uses its on UI, Android Beam, which gets in the way of NFC functionality. We had to bypass this and implement multiple new functionalities together to get this to work in a limited amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to access and build on NFC systems in most smartphones. This technology is looked past a lot of times but has incredible potential that we were able to build a project around.

What I learned

We learned to use different IDEs, technology, UI design, and implementing databases just to name a few!

What's next for Tapp

We plan to implement better UI for users, along with security like login to make the app safer for users and organizers as well.

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