We saw the capital one presentation before the start, and had an idea about what we could do that worked cross-platform, NFC.

What it does

The app retrieves data from the Nessie API, made by CapitalOne. It allows users to view their accounts, and send and receive money by tapping their phones together.

How we built it

Anthony built a Universal Windows application using Visual Studio, and Tanin used Android Studio to develop an Android/Amazon Fire Phone app on a Mac.

Challenges we ran into

The NFC implementations were ever so slightly different across the two platforms, so the most of our time was spent getting the two platforms to interact in a meaningful way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A cross-platform payment app that works on both Android and Windows Phone, making sure even the users on the small platforms are included.

What we learned

While NFC is a standard, there is some leeway on how it can be implemented.

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