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This is an iOS-based application that facilitates accurate measurement of birth outcomes. Intended for initial deployment in Uttar Pradesh, India, this application can be used by Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), who are members of the community that receive payment for bringing pregnant women to birth clinics just prior to delivery. Currently, there are several factors that significantly affect the accuracy of data collected in this state. One of the largest obstacles is that 40% of births currently occur outside the purview of hospitals and medical clinics, despite financial incentives for the mother and ASHAs for bringing the mother to a birth clinic. This application was intentionally designed to be incredibly easy to use so that as smartphones proliferate across the state, new and efficient incentives and marketing strategies can utilize this app.

A second problem we hope this application can address is the duplication of records. Our back-end database, Parse, gives us the opportunity to analyze and filter data to reduce duplicate records. In addition, Parse makes data visualization simple through JSON export to any graphing method we prefer. An example of a chart that can be generated quickly and easily from our application is included below.

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