Anytime I'd like to search for a place , I find app for restaurants , cafes and so on

but what if I'd like to search for a person with any profession , barber , lawyer , designer .etc

I built this app to be a catalog for people cards , browse globally or in your country , search for a certain card with any profession

I also remember when I tried to make my card , I paid for a designer then to print the card - this costed me time and money, after some weeks I changed my number - in this case I had to re-make the card again .

that's also handled , create your own card , change your data anytime , it will change for all users automatically

What it does

Taplot is a community in form of cards , you can browse all cards or only in your country , search for a cards with a certain profession - carpenter, barber , designer ..etc

Interested in a certain card? , save it and access it later ~ even if you are offline , interact with the community

you can also create your own card with modern interface and extendable , add your services good privacy in your hand

  • make your card public/accessible to the users
  • make it private / accessible to your contacts only

How I built it

I built it using React-Native and native base as UI framework with Expo

What's next for Taplot Cards App

  • features to be implemented 1 - company page to include cards for its employees 2 - card sharing 3 - push notifications
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