Three of us, as Student Systems Administrators are continually looking for new ways to innovate on our services. One such idea was issuing every student a Mifare Classic NFC card to not only make signing into 8th periods easier, but also allowing the potential replacement of the paper-based sign out sheets and 8th period attendance sheets. We've discussed this with some of the Administration, who seem supportive.

To integrate into our services, such as the Signage displays and Ion, we needed to build a proof of concept that we could later use for production.

We also wanted to make it less TJ-specific, allowing it to be reused in other, unaffiliated use cases. To accomplish this, we made a standalone Django app that can be easily modified and dropped into place for other Django webapps.

The hardware we used, as mentioned earlier, are Mifare Classic NFC cards as well as Advanced Card Systems ACR122U NFC reader/writers. We used pyscard for low-level communication.

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