It is getting very common to encounter a Salvation Army volunteer or be at a church and not being able to donate because we don't have coins or even small bills in our wallets. As we become a cashless society, the charities and not for profit organizations are negatively affected and experience a reduction in their cash collection from donors. There are 1.8 million IRS-recognized charities and not for profit organizations in US, 180K in Canada and similar number in UK, and all will benefit from having a low cost solution for accepting credit and debit donations using contactless and chip and pin payments, either at their head offices and at charity events at the hands of their volunteer and employees. Charity organizations can currently use the Square reader and phone to accept donations, but the standard Square POS software is not integrated to the charities system for issuing tax receipts and tracking donations, and is subject to deposit the money in a different bank account either by mistake or as result of fraud.

"Tap to Donate" system solves this problem by integrating the Android APP to a back end system to track the donations and post them online and/or issuing tax receipts. The system includes an epaper display with information about the organization name and amount to be charged. The App is locked to only deposit money in the charity bank account.

The epaper display is controlled by the application, it improves the user experience by giving feedback when transaction is successful or failed.

What it does

The application is intended to be compiled for a specific organization, and it validates that the Square POS app belongs to that organization ir order to prevent fraud.

The application has 3 options to help collect donations: 1) It has a kiosk mode for collecting fixed denomination donations using credit and debit card. This is intended for impulse donations with minimum intervention. 2) Variable amount credit and debit donations. This mode is intended to accept higher denominations. The operator will select the option and enter the amount as well as a reference such as account number for registered donors or phone number. After the transaction is processed, the app will connect to the server where the donor can request a tax receipt 3) Cash donation. This mode is intended to issue a receipt

The application communicates to a back end server provided by to track the transactions, payments and cash collections and to provide a link where donors can obtain a tax receipt. The Application also communicates to the epaper display via bluetooth to modify the messages. It can be installed in a compatible Android POS terminal or use in a phone with external bluetooth receipt printer, or send the receipt via whatsapp or email.

How I built it

The application integrates to Square POS for Android. It integrates to back end for reporting transactions, and controls the epaper display via bluetooth.

Challenges I ran into

Integrate the app to Square POS in a way that the reader will not timeout. Integrated to epaper display

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The potential that this solution has to help small charities and non for profit. The ability to keep the Square reader in a loop for semi-unattended operation. The charity might have a local bank POS and use the Square reader as a secondary unit just to accept donations.

What I learned

How to control ePaper display via bluetooth. Integrate Square POS for Android

What's next for Tap to Donate

Create an IOS version.

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