Attending a movie night at my kid's school and waiting in line to pay for a pizza slice and drinks made me realized that there are many cases where you just want to buy fixed price items as quick as possible and obtain a receipt you can give to the person serving. Having contactless payments and printing a receipt speeds up the line and improves customer satisfaction. Multiple taps of the reader can accommodate for buying more than one unit.

What it does

It automatically accepts fixed amount payments and prints configurable receipts. Receipts can be event tickets, food and drink vouchers, instructions, etc.

How I built it

Using Android Studio to integrate to Square POS, and added bluetooth printing support.

Challenges I ran into

Having the Square reader not to timeout when idle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figured out how to keep the Square POS in a loop

What I learned

I learned about Square POS for Android

What's next for Tap to Buy

Promote and monetize.

Built With

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