We realized that mobile games are very influential to a lot of today's youth. So we decided to build a mobile game to influence them into helping out a good cause. Also with many initiatives online to plant trees we have not seen any games do it, so we decided to fix that problem.

What it does

It builds awareness for the deforestation problem in the world as it has a link to TeamTrees where our players can donate money or volunteer to help with the cause. It provides an initiative to reduce carbon emissions as well as do our part in solving global warming. It is a mobile clicker game that works on android and IOS, and puts all profits into this charity.

How we built it

We decided to use Unity as our software to build a game for Android mobile users. We built our assets in google drawings and Photoshop. Then implemented the code in Visual Studios in c#.

Challenges we ran into

We had some trouble getting started with Unity, as many of us were not very experienced using Unity and c#. Some of us had not used Unity before and others used it only a few times. Also, displaying the game on an Android or IOS device was also tricky as we had trouble being able to run the game. Anther big problem was that two of our laptops were not working properly. Half the team wanted to build the game on Android, and the other half wanted to build the game for IOS. These creative differences caused problems in our group, however we were able to find a swift resolution due to our problem solving skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our assets in the game. The complications at the start took quite a bit of time, so it was very surprising to us the speed at which we were able to finish the game and implement all the features that we wanted.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity proficiently and how to connect our games to both IOS and android devices. We learned how to collaborate with each other despite our creative differences. We worked hard together to craft a working final product that works well. We can use these technical skills with coding as well as collaborative skills on future projects and other hackathons.

What's next for Tap the Trees

Implementing ads into the game would be the obvious next step with all of the proceeds going to TeamTrees or other charities against the current tree problem. We would add an option where the player can choose to watch an ad for prizes in the game as well as credit to donate to TeamTrees. When they receive enough credit they can then donate to the Charities. The money donated there will come from our ad revenue, every cent, made from the game will go to supporting TeamTrees and other similar organizations. Finally another aspect we could implement progression into the game by showing how much the player virtualy helped this problem through achievements and the amount of CO2 each tree takes up..

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