Ping Pong favorite arcade game of was most of us in childhood so if we are getting opportunity to make something why don't we start it with something we love >3 .

What it does

It is Retro Style Ping pong game

How we built it

We have created a Retro Style Ping pong game with a latest technology known as PWA also Known as Progressive Web Apps. The main benefit of this PWA is you can play this on web and even you can install it in android without knowing about anything of android Development. Its written in one code and can be run on different platform ,Languages Used:- HTML,CSS,JS

Challenges we ran into

To make it accessible in multiple platform easily

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To make it accessible in multiple platform easily in seconds successfully

What we learned

We learned to make PWA(Progressive web Application) and Using web programming languages to make a game which we loved to play in our childhood

What's next for Tap Tap Ping Pong

We would Make it a online multiplayer game also we will introduce 1 vs 1 match on local host so that 2 people can play is offline also on 2 different system connected together

Built With

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