Recent years have shown a massive increase in immigrants coming to Western European Countries due to major political, economical crisis’. The most important criteria to correctly integrate these people is that they have to learn the English language as it is the Western society’s main language. But, learning a completely new language takes time, a lot of time actually (around 200hours) and in the mean time they still fulfill everyday tasks which require them to communicate with our society. Hence, we designed Tap Learn.

What it does

Tap Learn helps people from different linguistic backgrounds learn English just like a native speaker by connecting the words with ideas, concepts and thoughts directly without the need of the translation that happens in the brain. Basically circumventing the native mother tongue language translation helps people learn languages much faster and learn them on a deeper level.

How I built it

Using flutter API and dart programming language, Tap Learn was developed using encapsulation concept.

Challenges I ran into

The flutter frame work and Dart API were completely new to us and we had to learn them from scratch and implement a whole application using them. This was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The application demo is ready and it displays the main idea behind Tap Learn and it can actually be developed into a fully deployable and working application.

What I learned

We both learned a new programming language (Dart) and we also learned how to actually implement an idea and deploy it into android, ios and websites! This is exciting for us as we had no previous experience in developing apps.

What's next for Tap Learn

Tap learn can evolve into many new directions. It can involve networking, achievements system, inclusion of different types of data sets such as videos and interactive UI.

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