Inspiration: We came up with a tapping game because some of us do not know how to code in Android Studio and we are looking for something easy to do. We came up with a snowflake theme because it is winter and we were inspired by the snow storm.

What it does: You have ten seconds to tap as many snowflakes as possible. These snowflakes will appear one by one at random places. It will disappear if you tap it and reappear at another random place. We also have a high score feature on the screen whose value will be replaced if the player can beat the high score.

How we built it: We used javascript codes in the Android Studio to create the game. As for the graphics and the app icon, we used Adobe Photoshop to draw and design it.

Challenges we ran into: None of us knew how to use SQL or know any way to generate the high score feature, and thus, we have to learn it on the spot. In addition, some of us also didn't know how to code in Android studio, so that is also another challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Being able to create the high score function and to design the graphics.

What we learned: We learned how to code in Android studio and create a game app with it. We also learned how to use Github.

What's next for "Tap Away!" Tapping Game: If we had more time, we wanted to add some music or more background design to the game. If possible, we also wanted to create another page for the leaderboard.

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