Tantalis - NFT and Data marketplace

What is Tantalis?

NEO platform needs their own NFT and data paltform where payments are in GAS, not custom tokens, to fuel usage of NEO economy.

Tantalis is one stop Dapp for Digital data NFT Creation, Discovery and Marketplace.

Also you can upload your data to decentralized storage and sell it to marketplace.



  • Deploy your own NFT smart contract from browser and pay smart contract deploy fee with GAS
  • Add NFT to your previouly added NFT smart contract
  • Add NFT to Tantalis platform deployed smart contract (Public NFT smart contract)
  • Explore other NFT, NFT smart contract auto discovery

Full NFT smart contract deploy

Deploy full your own NFT smart contract. Platform will take care of blockchain side, you only need browser and your digital wallet

Mint NFT to your previouly added NFT smart contract

You alredy have NFT smart contract deployed, you can use Tantalis platform to mint new NFT inside your smart contract from browser by using neoline wallet to interct with blockchain

Public NFT smart contract, Cheapest method

Cost of single Smart contract deployment is high, thats why Tantalis platform offers reuse already deployed smart contract. Just use our Smart Contract and just pay smaller fee for Minting your NFT

DATA Market


  • Upload form to send data to NEO/FS and pay with NEO GAS, Use privately or sell to others
  • Data explorer - Explore and downlaod free objects from NEO/FS
  • Marketplace - View and Buy

Upload data to NEO/FS [development in progreess]

Upload form picture

Data explorer [development in progreess]

Data explorer picture

Data marketplace [development in progreess]

Buy and sell Data objects

What is your project’s concept and how is it designed to succeed or differentiate itself in the market?

Full feature service, choose one from 3 methods of NFT deployment and platform will do eeverything for you.

What is your project’s value proposition?

Simple Dapp Tool for NFT and data Deployment using only NEO wallet for interaction. Pay for everything in GAS not platform tokens.

Opensourcing NEO3 node plugins and OpenAPI that helps others to interact with Blockchain. Smart contract compiler - Deploy Smart contract from Temaplate and add user input data on the fly.

What is the proposed revenue model?

Income streams:

  • Add NFT to Tantalis platform deployed smart contract (Public NFT smart contract)
  • Private Data object Selling fee
  • NFT marketplace fees

Examples of fees:

  • 1% fee for selling digital data
  • 10 GAS for minting new NFT by using Public NFT smart contract
  • 1% fee of NFT sells if it is sold using platform Smart Contract

Project components

Smart contract

NFT smart contract followed NEP-11 and ERC-721

Blockchain data access layer [development in progreess]

Plugins for NEO node - Additional Features for interatin with NEO3 node as installable plugins

OpenAPI - Additional Features for interatin with NEO3 node

Smart contract Compiler API - Deploy NFT smart contract by filling all information from user input to smart contract and then on the fly Compile it and generate ABI code and then let user sign it.

UI portal

Beutifully built Angular.js web application

Picture of Figma layout Picture of Figma design


Use existing NEO browser plugin wallet - NeoLine

Future plans

  • Intergrate O3 wallet
  • Bidding
  • Stats for popular NFTs and Collections
  • Integrate Stable coin usage to sell items in USD
  • Integrate other blockchains for payment methods, use dex for exchanging

Technology used

  • Front - Angular.js
  • Backend - Node.js/Typescript
  • Blockchain backend - .Net
  • Deployment method - Docker with Automated Gitlab pipeline build

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One Click Deploy of NFT Smart contract from browser

+ 6 more
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