We were inspired Mechs versus minions.

What it does

The user will see an arena with different enemies and bonus which are frozen in ice. They will have to program a tank with some basic building blocks (going forward, turning, turning the turret on the tank) and with some conditional blocks also (if, else) in order to get to a certain point on the map. These instructions will be executed in a loop. All enemies are also programmed in such a way. The tank will heat up at every time instance creating a heating zone around the tank that will make ice blocks melt. After some time the enemies and bonuses unfreeze. If the overheat of the player gets to 100 you die (bonuses help you get that down). You also have the ability to shoot enemies which will cause the enemy to die and melt the floor creating a hole. If a player gets in this hole he instantly dies. If enemies shoot the player your tank loses health which can also get higher thanks to bonuses. If your health gets to 0 you die.

How we built it

We used android studio to create an application that is able to run on android phones.

Challenges we ran into

Working together in an efficient way. Graphics were pretty hard for us since we do not have a graphic designer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working "engine" with capabilities that match what we wanted for the game. And the satisfaction to get a working demo out from scratch, a testimony to our skills !

What we learned

Working with efficiency in group at the same time, localizing errors in the Android platform (i.e where do bugs come from, how to fix them, how to avoid them in the first place by intelligent design. The importance of planning.

What's next for Tankode

Implementing mor building blocks, creating more levels, improving graphics.

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