We came into the VandyHacks2015 just wanting to make our first Android app. We were thinking along the lines of a simple workout app. However, at the opening ceremony the representative from Project Tango, Joseph Banta informed us that there would be Project Tango devices to hack with this weekend and that the greatest use of the device would win the team 5 Project Tango devices. Needless to say, we weren't content with playing it safe anymore. A great idea from ole Jeffy-boy got us hacking away on an app set out to use the translation and rotation values from moving the Project Tango camera to create an interactive Google Street View app that updated your geolocation.

What it does

When you move the Project Tango device with our app running, translation and rotation values are constantly being updated. When the Tango device has rotated or translated a satisfactory amount TangoStreetView will call JavaScript functions from our website to update Google Street View. There is also a Text Field at the top of the website that allows the user to enter coordinates of a location or the name of a location.

How I built it

We used the Project Tango Java API to get translation and rotation values from the cameras on the back of the Project Tango device. We also needed to use Google Maps JavaScript API for the interactive street view capabilities. We used a WebView in Android Studio loaded with the URL of our website which used JavaScript functions to advance the street view forward or backward, left or right, and up or down based on how you moved the device.

Challenges I ran into

We attempted to use the Google Maps Android API for Street View for our app but it offered no support for interactive Street View, only non-interactive Street View. After some Google-Searching we found that this functionality could only be had in the Google Maps JavaScript API which meant we would need to use a website. We made a website called to take a crack at the best fish pun name for the MLH naming competition and we used an Android WebView to load the URL of this site in our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We literally didn't sleep until TangoStreetView was done. We kept ourselves artificially awake with copious amounts of red bull and inspiration. We were never fazed by speed bumps--we simply read more documentation until we found what worked for us. We came in here with our handy bubblesort algorithm and a dream and we outdid ourselves in every way possible.

What I learned

We all learned an insane amount this weekend--probably more than we have ever learned in one school project. We had never written code in Java, we had never made an Android app, we had never used Project Tango or Google Maps APIs. But the desire to create and the determination to not be denied helped us grow rapidly in our pursuit of greatness.

What's next for TangoStreetView

We are really excited about the future of TangoStreetView and other Project Tango projects. Our group has talked about pooling our money together for a Project Tango Device if we don't win one this weekend so that we may resume working on such a cool device. Overall, VandyHacks2015 has been an amazing opportunity for us and we are excited to work on more challenging projects at hackathons in the future.

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