When you need a good dance partner, you can find one in a drone (:

What it does

Using a Google Tango, the AR Drone understands your movements and dances accordingly.

Some dance movements that it can do:

  • Look pretty~~
  • Move towards you
  • Mirror your movements
  • Dance in the opposite direction
  • Spin on the spot

How we built it

The hardware components are:

  • Google Tango
  • AR Drone
  • Computers and mobile tethering

The software components are:

  • Project Tango Java API + Firebase Java API --> estimate dancer's position and velocity
  • AR Drone Python API + Firebase Python API --> control drone to respond accordingly

Challenges we ran into

Connectivity issues

  • Connecting to the AR Drone via WiFi and internet via USB.

Hardware issues

  • AR Drone is a really fickle dance partner, stopped performing just before the demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Calculating position and velocity measurements from Google Tango, sending it over the server via Firebase.

Obtaining measurements from Firebase, control AR Drone autonomously.

What we learned

Try to have more than one AR Drone/ dance partners to practice with.

What's next for Tango with Drone

Learning more dance steps!

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