This project was a culmination of various ideas from the team members regarding the possibilities and endless fun we could have in virtual reality.

What it does

An android application that simulates a virtual world where the user can interact with various sports-related 3D objects.

How we built it

In this application, we implemented the various features from Project Tango, and its Unity integration, such as spacial awareness and head tracking in order to simulate the user interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment. We achieved this through the use of the Tango API and Unity to construct the virtual world with a 3D object that the user can interact with.

Challenges we ran into

Various VR problems. Head tracking, motion sickness, positioning, sizing objects in VR, physics in Unity, creating a timed demo with multiple scenes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully working tech demo, with multiple levels, that shows off some capabilities of Project Tango. Creating a website from scratch, to promote our project, and Project Tango

What we learned

Everything. We started off only knowing basic Unity and web design. Most of us had not even heard of Project Tango before, or developed for Android. We just jumped in, and used the resources available to us to learn everything needed to create this project.

What's next for Tango Sports VR

n the future we will develop this application into a fully fledged multiplayer game that can show off the capabilities of Project Tango and Unity, as well as inspire others to construct their own unique projects on the platform

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