Tango-C-NDK-Tutorial (http://tangotutorial.org)

Helping those who want to get involved in the realm of Augmented Reality.

Who is this for?

  • Right now this is for the person who wants to get into Project Tango via the C/C++ API and found there was NO documentation anywhere else (seriously, I am writing this out of frustration). My goal is to save you at least an hour of your life where I wasted five of mine trying to find these simple answesr.
  • NOTE: that this is a tutorial for both Tango and NDK and broken up to different sections if you only need help with a certain part

Project Tango

  • Project Tango is your best options to use true agumented reality technology with a plateform that many people have (Android). The support for Tango on smartphones is slowly rolling out and a great way to make AR applications that many people can use.

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