Tangeez are building modules that light-up and change color as you play with them. Circular in shape, individually powered and internally illuminated, Tangeez are both an interactive toy and design object.

Tangeez circular shape distinguishes them from other building block sets and doesn’t suggest a specific “building style” to children. The circular shape allows kids think about the building set as a module, rather than a “block.”

Doctors, Nurses, Educators and Parents have told us that Tangeez are not only fun, but educational. The responsive nature of Tangeez allows kids to learn through hands-on play and provides an interactive learning platform that isn’t screen-based.

In addition to education, Tangeez can be used as modular and movable ambient lighting, as tools for physical therapy and learning disabilities, as battery powered and water proof emergency lighting, or as holiday and seasonal highlights.

Tangeez by Tangible Lights, LLC. www.tangeez.us

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