Inspiration - we wanted to get rid of people making goals and not committing to them by holding them accountable with peer pressure

What it does - the web app allows two friends to create goals to reach together. Each friend has to then post photos to the goal to prove that they're doing what they promised to do. From there, they can accept or deny the submission as valid proof that the other friend was doing what they were supposed to do.

How we built it - we had two front-end developers create how it functions for the user and how it looks using bootstrap and standard markup, and two back-end developers give us the functionality we need for photos, posts, users, etc.

Challenges we ran into - fitting all the features we wanted to fit within the time frame allowed. We had to end up getting rid of some changes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - the site looks well made, thought out, and functions on the back-end

What we learned - how difficult it can be to create a full-fledged web app with an actual database

What's next for tandm - we want to add more features to it. Possibly integrate social network logins to make signups easier for people on mobile devices.

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