The reason that Hackathons are so great, is because people are able to work together on projects side by side. You can get help by turning around, and the phrase "come look at this" or "wanna see something cool?" has almost become the default greeting. This is amazing, I love this, but then I go back to coding at school or work, and that disappears. Because once there's a distance between developers, it becomes a hassel to ask for help, or to have someone else take a look at your code. That's what I want to fix

What it does

This utility allows you to work with other people online, editing files in real time, and the edits are reflected in real time. You can also test these changes immediately, also there's a file browser, also there's chat!

How I built it

React with all the fixin's is used as my front end, with a back end of node (and a fair bit of bash actually)

Challenges I ran into

I'm integrating a code editor made for traditional javascript into a react component that constantly re-renders. I had to trick both the React Framework, and Ace code editor into thinking everything was ok. Additionally, I had to write a more efficient file manager, because node was slow, so I wrote a number of bash scripts, that do these things for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's done, it works.

What I learned

How to use the React Libraries, How to trick the React Libraries, and some awesome tricks in bootstrap, node and bash

What's next for Tandem

Tandem is a on it's way to becoming a start-up.

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