Food wastage is a big problem of our society. We waste 40% of our food that could be used to feed the people that are hungry in Pakistan. With a score of 32.6 we stand with the second highest global hunger index of Asia.

What we're doing

There are numerous NGOs, trusts and volunteers working to take the food about to be wasted to feed the people hungry. Our app allows them efficient communication by using maps. Allows the riders or collectors to easily find and collect the food and drop them off to relevant place such as a storage or the slums that require that food. It allows the donors to easily point out where and when to pick up the food.

Effects on communities

Through this app we educate societies on the impact of wasting food. If sensibly utilized we can feed the people going hungry to bed. The problem is not the supply but the distribution of the food. The app aims to cater the food insecurities faced by the people living below poverty line in Pakistan.


Our app is a low cost solution that aims to generate its revenue by providing services to the NGOs and trusts already working in this domain. These organizations can provide a minimal service fee. A small percentage of the revenue can be generated through in-app donations. Collaborations and advertisements of companies willing to improve their public relations will also be a good source.

What's next for Tanawul

We plan to expand to other domains such as clothing and medicines. A web portal may be added for statistics and marketing.

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