As a service ran by students, every year we hear advisors, professors, and deans cry, "Need help? Ask for it!" The College Station Area has a vast amount of tutoring services: Our goal is to streamline the process to finding them. Our software enables tutors to discover new clients with ease. We wholheartedly believe that every student has the ability to succeed.

What it does

AMU Tutors connects struggling students with knowledgable tutoring services. Tutors are able to create a profile and add details about their expertise, rates, and contact info.

How we built it

We used Django which is a platform that uses python that assists in creating web apps.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time learning how to use django as none of us had ever used it. We also had to learn how to use html and css in order to make our website from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making a functional demo that displays the general idea of our project from scratch. Having no knowledge of django or HTML/CSS, we are also proud of learning these platforms.

What we learned

We learned the django platform including models, forms, and views as well as the processes connecting them.

We also learned how to use html and css in order to create a base model for our website.

What's next for TAMU Tutors

In the future we would plan to add user models which would allow the user a chance to subscribe to certain tutors.

We would clean up the displays so that the user could view the tutors information much more seamlessly.

In our search algorithm we would plan to add a location aspect that would help filter the tutor profiles by location.

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