Concept Project, description below

As faculty and students, our attention is more on clearing our inbox than engaging in each email. Studies prove, more organization leads to increased productivity. Inspired by Spotify playlists and H-E-B aisles, we wanted to create a place within the email space that will further expose events and encourage engagement within a user-friendly interface. Our solution gathers all the events put out through the Tamu-opt email system into categories. The compilation is built through an event newsletter where the user can click on a category, have it quick-jump to the list of events happening, and then they are able to easily glaze over the description of events under that group. This newsletter system will help decrease the clutter and increase event exposure by helping the user focus their attention on a more condensed place. As a result of increased exposure, users will find it easier to meet a new group of people to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Challenges we ran into include, categorizing committees, whether this benefits both parties, practicality, and personalization. These challenges have deepened our thought process from what we want our solution to be into what it needs to be.

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