When TAMU TEES and the College of Engineering tasked us with creating a classroom that was universally accessible, where assistive technology was common place. We had a plethora of ideas, some of which had already been done. But then we changed perspective. We discussed how to make a student with any disability comfortable in their learning environment, from lighting and seating, as well accessible for all students regardless. For a 24 hour event, we realized this might be well outside the scope of the challenge requirements, and was simply not feasible. Instead of making a classroom that fits every student, we wanted to make a student universally equipped for every classroom. We wanted to draft a product that was not only user-friendly, but also provided a foundation to build upon for future accessible technology projects.

What it does

TAMU All-Access was an app built with accessibility in mind. We wanted to incorporate accessibility options for different physical challenges posed by disabilities such as visual and auditory disabilities. The app will also lay a solid groundwork for future endeavors within TEES and College of Engineering technological.

How we built it

We ran a prototype emulator, that runs the Swift App software allows us to completely program an application for iOS devices without writing a single line of code. Because of our diverse backgrounds, but none of them in the area we wanted to work from, we had to think outside the box, using to host an iOS app for us.

Challenges we ran into

Proto had quite the learning curve, as although it works great, getting it to actually run like a prototype is a feat of its own. Furthermore, accommodating for others while also being realistic was difficult to get over. Finally, keeping in mind changes and growth in scope without regard to resources including time was a challenge, completing a product on time, while also including as many features as possible, while being as inclusive as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that such a multi-disciplinary team was able to accomplish such a technical software project. We are proud that we could let all of our backgrounds influence the final product and the decisions made along the way.

What we learned

We learned that working together, regardless of discipline, is the key to finding success in any project. Without our determination and will to work together, we could have accomplished maybe half of what we present today.

What's next for TAMU All-Access

We believe that the Application TAMU All-Access is a strong building block for growth within accessible technology at TAMU specifically within TEES and the College of Engineering. If those who have more relevant knowledge could provide guidance on what features could be added, and streamline the app's processes and UI. Optimization must be what is next for TAMU All-Access.

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