I really enjoyed the immersion of the Elder Scrolls series and thought that by using the Alexa I could immerse myself and others on a new level.

What it does

Informs the user of the current date within the fictional world of the Elder Scrolls Series.

How I built it

I built the skill using Python, the ask-flask library.

Challenges I ran into

While writing the skill I realized that not all users will be on the same time zone as where the skill is being hosted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is not my first skill and both of the skills I have created are pretty basic. However, I'm still proud of this skill as I used what I learned from my first and created this in about an hour.

What I learned

I have not worked much in Python and mostly did these project to learn python and increase my experience.

What's next for Tamriel Calendar Skill

I want to implement a way to query a database to find the next holiday from the lore. I also want to add the ability for the skill to use the users local time.

Built With

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