I was working as project manager in aeronautics. I used to spend days in meetings where too many people were involved and from which we were all leaving wondering: "now, who shall do what??"

What it does

TAMPLO allows you to prepare your meetings online with your team mates and overall publish a meeting minutes listing all decisions and actions which were discussed. The actions are then available on a collaborative platform where team members can indicate their progress.

How we built it

TAMPLO is an online solution which we built using: Angula JS 9, MySQL, Tomcat and Nginx, and JAVA 1.8, spring core and transaction

Challenges we ran into

Making people move! Resistance to change was and still is our biggest challenge. The COVID is playing a big role thouh.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We probably propose the best tool on the market to manage the weekly team meeting. You know, the one from which you left last time without centralising decisions and actions to be done during the week ;)

What we learned

How to build a team, how to listen customers while sticking to our guideline, how to follow opportunities without getting lost, how to making the most out of the feedback without feeling to proud or to miserable.

What's next for TAMPLO

Publishing TAMPLO into TEAMS is a big step for us because it was required by our customers (especially the big ones) for a while. We are convinced that it will provide them with more added value. Next step is now to work more hand in hand with MS to improve the experience of TAMPLO users within TEAMS environment.

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