Blockchains provide security and transparency. Unfortunately it's very difficult for existing applications to take advantage of the benefits they offer. With TamperProof users finally have a simple way to leverage the power of blockchains ("a 3rd party witness") without making any modifications to their MongoDB server.

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How It Works

TamperProof is a clean and simple tool thats connects your MongoDB database with the EOS blockchain. The utility works by first establishing a connection to any MongoDB database. TamperProof then reads a specified dataset (collection or document), creates a cryptographically signed hash from that data, and then timestamps the hash on the blockchain. All within seconds and without requiring any additional tools. Tamperproof Process

Technology Stack

  • A smart contract (C++). The contract, "Prove.x" was added to the EOS blockchain. This smart contract makes it possible to permanently record "identifier" and "data" hashes sent from TamperProof (alongside a timestamp).
  • Tamperproof util and library (Node/JS). The library reads your MongoDB server, turns a collection or document into a string, converts that string to a hash, and writes it to the EOS blockchain.
  • Primary MongoDB tool used: MongoDB Server.

Use Cases

  • Suppose you run an app that sells predictions to upcoming baseball games. How can anyone trust that the past results shown are authentic. They can’t. The average person knows that anyone can claim to have a success rate higher than they really do, simply by modifying their database records with the right outcome after the game. Here you can increase customer confidence by adding TamperProof as part of the middleware when a new prediction is added to MongoDB.

  • Suppose you’re a financial institution that has been under fire for tampering with customer records or modifying balances. Even if it’s not true, the burden of proof is so immense that large companies spend millions of dollars on compliance with this type of issue. And even with all that work, it’s still something that can’t be mathematically proven. Here you can add TamperProof as part of your nightly backup plan, so that each day a cryptographically secure fingerprint is available in case of an audit.

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