Inspiration We were inspired to make this app because people face a lot of problems in their day to day life, and we didn’t want them to fall prey to another one. Talking from personal experience, period emergencies can ruin a perfectly fine day. People have to walk for long distances to find a sanitary product in case they forget it. So in order to solve that problem, we created an app that delivers a sanitary product directly to you or finds you the nearest restroom/sanitary product vending machine.

What it does TampAlert! is an app designed to make sure that no woman faces any kind of inconvenience because of the absence of a sanitary product when in need. The app focuses on building a diverse community that will help each other in need. In short, this app is just like Uber, but for sanitary products! It sends out messages to people in the TampAlert community within a 10 miles radius who are willing to supply sanitary products to people who are in immediate need, for a compensation.

How we built it We used Android Studio as our IDE to implement the google maps api and the firebase api using XML and java language.

Challenges we ran into Debugging and managing the dependency errors and implementing the firebase data retrieval.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We were able deliver an app for the society that right from providing sanitary products when you are in college and late for the class, till locating the nearby rest area when you are driving, TampAlert! covers it all. We learned more about common problems faced by women and are proud to make an effort to bridge that gap.

What we learned We learned about how a simple thing like delivering sanitary products or locating them when in need can make lives much easier and it also helps to build community.

What's next for TampAlert! We can expand the usage of the app not only from just the sanitary product's emergency but also to a variety of other uses as well such as first aids. We realise that first aid is not swift and easily accessible in developing nations so we could use the same implementation to provide quick first aids to someone in immediate need. We can skip the paid feature and get the government to fund such apps or open more dispensing stations where anyone could walk to it and collect the kit.

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