We were inspired by both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Ranger to develop a fusion style game with a twist.

What it does

It functions essentially as a Pokemon Ranger game, in which the player can catch creatures temporarily to aid with a task. Currently our game allows a player to navigate a map and encounter Tamokas.

How I built it

Hand made art assets, as well as Unity expertise.

Challenges I ran into

Planning and timing a game's execution can be a very difficult task to manage. Pixel art takes time, laying down tiles takes time, building a map takes time, sleeping takes time, and are all very important!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's fun to play around with, and it has turned out to be a very cohesive project. Most pixel art I (Raquel) have gotten done in a short amount of time! Coming up with a name was difficult, but we decided on Tamoka: Capture, after deciding to name the catchable critters tamokas, which we came up with based on Russian diminuitives (-ka) and the Japanese word for friend (tamodachi).

What I learned

Raquel: I learned more about what helps me speed up the process of making pixel art; I used Clip Studio Paint for my art and Photoshop to resize without losing pixel quality; Resizing works best if you are making it bigger; if making bigger, will have to go over image and fill in some pixels Michael: I learned more about how to make a game at a Hackathon, how to have a good time at Bitcamp, and how cute the fox is: VERY IMPORTANT!

What's next for Tamoka: Capture

Quests and mobile version! Quests are supposed to be a huge part of the game, as you use the tamokas to complete them, and learn about good mental health habits. An example would be a quest to help someone's organizational habits, in which the tamoka you need to complete the quest would be the Bfox, which specializes in compartmentalization. Different modes of gameplay, mobile and p.c.; The player can choose to play on the go or to just chill at home and immerse them selves in the quests! The p.c. would be more storyline-based, but the mobile app would have features that use GPS and follow a map based on the area. Both modes would have quests.

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