What it does

A social-networking app for the quickly growing international non-profit organization Tamid. It uses Firebase to sync data and also for login authentication. Users can make posts on the newsfeed with text and an image. The image is saved to Firebase and each post has a post ID. Users are able to save posts by 'liking' them and clicking on a heart.

How I built it

With Swift and Xcode

Challenges I ran into

Managing the changes and working with Github by far was the biggest challenge. Still there are some hurdles I have to cross in order to be able to work with Github. This is something that I will continuously work on since being able to collaborate is so important. My goal is to one day be able to use Github seamlessly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out the documentation for syncing data and organizing it in a fashion that made logical sense.

What I learned

How to design a simple interface that adapts to multiple screen sizes, establishing connections with the app and Firebase, and how to organize data in general.

What's next for TAMID

Tamid is still in progress and is expected to be rolled out around spring 2017

Built With

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