Natasha and Wendy are both very interested in makeup and skincare, but we both face different challenges when it comes to finding products. We were inspired by our own skincare journeys. Trying out new products is basically a crapshoot, and it takes a long time to build up a list of products that your skin can and can't handle. Since most people are sensitive to specific ingredients, it's common to figure out which ones you react to and use that as a guideline for trying new things. The old solution was to manually track the products that break you out and then investigate the ingredients by hand. Why not have an app that does all that for you?

What it does

tamborine will take the ingredients lists from products that break you out and cross-analyze them to identify specific ingredients that may be responsible for the adverse reactions. We consider the frequency of ingredients across products as well as their comedogenicity ratings and irritancy ratings.

How we built it

We built tamborine as a web app in React.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was that fact that there does not exist a freely available database of skincare ingredients. There are blogs and websites with their own common ingredient lists as well as irritancy ratings, but those are often incomplete. We had to scrape various websites to compile our own database of ingredients paired with irritancy ratings.

One problem with compiling the database was normalizing the irritancy ratings. We combined the comedogenicity and irritancy ratings to acheive an overall score for each ingredient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are both beginners when it comes to React, so we are proud of being able to learn a new technology on the fly.

What's next for tamborine.

  • Use Google's image recognition API to take pictures of ingredients list on physical products
  • Add common reactions (itching, redness, breakouts) and account for those as well
  • Maintain a personalized list of ingredients that you should avoid
  • Recommend products that are free of those ingredients

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