When you use a public washroom, do you bring your own toilet paper? Every single time? No, of course not! Females, on the other hand, do need to bring their own feminine products and they don't always have them in times of need. So we have developed a solution to take the stress out of the surprise. We developed period first aid to empower a community to support each other during one's need for feminine products.

What it does

Connects individuals in need of feminine products with those who may quickly supply them with products given their location proximity. The more one lends out to those in need, the more points they accumulate, which may be used towards discounts on feminine products.

How we built it

We used Node, Javascript, HTML/CSS and JQuery to construct a backend and front end connected to a SQL database.

Challenges we ran into

As different members pushed to Github, various merge requests kept coming up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're creating a unique project that directly impacts a huge target audience that will bring comfort and support throughout their everyday lives.

What's next for Tambird

Collaborate with major companies that create feminine products, like Tampax, to create opportunities for user discounts and overall long-term gains.

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