Have you ever been out with a group and wanted to go home, but didn't speak up either out of fear of being rude or some other repercussion?

tamaGO lets you go home.

It also helps facilitate communication over SMS. This way, no one is left out.

The whole idea started when my roommate and I were discussing problems in our lives - one being that when we were out with family friends our parents would drone on and on and on.... seemingly without end. You've gotta go write an essay at home, but your parents just keep talking and talking...and you can't speak up without seeming rude and embarrassing your family!

Enter tamaGO! First, you get the code. You use the code to create a squad. When the time comes, you ask the squad if it's time to tamaGO! And if enough people vote in favor of leaving, everyone in the squad gets a text. And if you're really desperate, you can just enter one little text and everyone's phones start ringing.

As the developer, I made the choice of making this entirely over SMS due to my wish for it to be accessible to anyone with a smartphone. By having all of the decision making being on the server side, people who have phones with low processing power or don't even have smartphones are able to use my service. Additionally, the service is built entirely with Node -- allowing anyone to download it and implement it for their own specific uses. One could be schools that go on trips, or a group of hikers who need to turn off cellular data in order to save battery. By offloading everything, including the mongoDB database, the decision making, and even an internet connection - I have made the application available to use to so many more people.

In the end, while this service was created to help me, I want it to help others too. I'm excited to continue work on the project through at least the next few months. Getting out of the free tier of Twilio is one of my goals for the near future, and as I start to get users I hope to start learning more about scaling, especially with the MongoDB database. Eventually, being able to add international numbers and services would be a goal that would truly allow global access to the service.

Logo courtesy of Kallista Zhang

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