Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your pet at home alone when you go to work or go on holiday? Do you ever feel like you never spend enough time with your pet?

What it does

Tally, the wireless controlled feeder and entertainer allows you to keep your pet well fed and entertained even when you are not with them. Tally allows you to feed your pet whenever you want with simple wifi connections. With one click on our webpage, Tally allows you to wirelessly control the feeder to either move around the house to keep your pet entertained and well exercised while dropping pet treat to keep them well fed.

How we built it

Tally is built with a raspberry pi, three servo motors, two wheels, a Raspberry Pi V2 Camera and coded fully with Python. The user interface for our webpage is built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We used the raspberry pi 3 B+ as the "brain" of Tally to control the servo motors which were the main components for the driving mechanism and the food dispense mechanism for Tally. A Raspberry Pi V2 Camera module was installed on Tally to achieve live video streaming.

Challenges we ran into

We faced limited resource at the beginning of the competition when initializing our Raspberry Pi and had trouble finding a compatible version of Tensorflow to install on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Python version 3.5.3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to build a fully functioning "Tally" by the deadline of the Hackathon and at the same time, all the members contributed their knowledge and hard work during the building process.

What we learned

  • Prioritize tasks according to our main goal.
  • Take terms to use the resources to maximize our abilities
  • Live stream video
  • Send web requests
  • Control multiple servos
  • Laser cutting

What's next for Tally (Automatic Pet entertainer/feeder)

Dog detection feature that can send a text message, email, or web application to his/her fam when the dog is wandering in front of the camera. Includes two-way audio channel to make it more interactive.

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