Tally was created because we wanted a better place to discuss politics than Facebook. We knew there needed to be a site that didn't have a bias in what you see. Most current social networking sites will try to find relevant information based on what you like, which creates an echo chamber. You mainly see posts that agree with your current thinking.

Another issue we saw was that currently the main ways to contact your representative is through email, snail mail, or phone. These work fine for one time comments or complaints, but there is no real communication between the general public and politicians.

What it does

The site is split into two main pages, Briefing and Community. Briefing is for politicians, news sources, and organizations to post content that they want feedback from users on. Users can then answer polls or reply with comments to let them know what they think and want.

On the Community page, the content is created by the users. Users can post thoughts, links, and opinions which other users can either agree or disagree and they can comment. This is where a majority of the peer-to-peer communication will take place.

On both of these pages, it takes into account your location. If you live in Dallas, TX and Collin County, then you will see posts about the US, Texas, City of Dallas, and Collin County. This ensures that you are seeing the posts that impact you the most.

On the Profile page, you can view you current leaning, which is calculated by an initial quiz you take when you sign up, but also by what you agree and disagree with on the Community and Briefing.

How we built it

For the server, we are using Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk to run Feathers.js and Postgresql. For the client, we are using React.js hosted on a Amazon Web Services S3 bucket.

What's next for Tally

We are hoping to make this an actual company. We will be trademarking and incorporating shortly after the hackathon. We will clean up a lot of the algorithms we created to have them give better data.

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