Inspiration: The students in the high schools of the Palo Alto Unified School District who demonstrate hard work and are deserving of representation in the local government that can adapt to their busy lifestyles.

Target Users: All people not yet of voting age, all city and school council members, statisticians, the community, expanding to multiple districts.

Thus, we decided to start a database of statistics of teens’ opinions of trending discussion topics. Before choosing to support a topic, the teenager has to scroll through an information page, displaying main points, a paragraph of the arguments, and the statistics behind the bill, to get a clear idea of what they are being asked to support. Data can corroborate proposals of bills in the city council or school board. Anyone can submit topics onto the app through our website.

Source of Pride: The part where we connected our application to the databases and made dynamic pie charts that graph the statistics is the most fascinating. We feel extremely accomplished because we successfully integrated the database in a short amount of time. We proudly have government support in providing lists of city discussion topics.

We won the Palo Alto Hackathon, won the Multi-City Innovation Challenge, were an Honorable Mention at the House Student App Challenge, were featured in Forbes magazine, were covered on the Local Mid-Peninsula TV Station, etc.

Future Features: Teens will use their student ID's to sign on to the app with their saved voting data. Another way to avoid repeat voting is storing remote information onto the mobile device. We will make the app accessible to more types of mobile devices. Administrators would be able to filter the discussions. Teens will be able to comment on topics.

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