Origin was a project to use speech recognition and text to speech to help patients check in to clinics, along with longstanding interest in voice over radio and telephone.

What it does

Allows searching for nearby doctors

How I built it

Started with the idea, attended Dev Day in Chicago, and spent the past month reading documentation and learning how to make Alexa sing.

Challenges I ran into

Learning about the interactions between AWS and Alexa

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

See challenges above, but more so that I can code for Alexa and see others use what I’m writing.

What I learned

That the code is important but the voice scripts and thinking about who uses Alexa and how matters even more. And, that Alexa is a new computing platform with tons of possibilities.

What's next for Talktor

Already formed a startup company to build additional features and make this skill a real assistant to help people connect with medical professionals.

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